Know Your Farmer... Know Your Food

We'd like to extend great appreciation & gratitude to our participating farming community who opened their doors and hearts in the midst of these challenging times to share their love & knowledge of farming with the public. Thank you to Thomas Farm, Luz Del Valle Farm, Sierra Azul Nursery & Garden, and GroundSwell Farm for participating in our 2020 tours!  We look forward to a time when we can gather more freely outside the restraints of being in a pandemic and to visiting more fabulous farms in our region!

Adapting to Environmental Changes

This year we have adapted our format to stay relevant to the rapid changes taking place in the environment. We're excited to be collaborating with a number of organzations, businesses and community partners for a series of online webinars and events that explore issues affecting the health and wellness of our agricultural community. Register for upcoming events by clicking the Events tab in the menu bar. 

Safety First with Online Registration

Safety of the public is our top priority in the current Covid 19 pandemic. All supporting activities scheduled for 2021 will be for small groups that require online pre-registration in addition to following social distancing guidelines. Please note that in person activites stand a chance of being cancelled due to the uncertainty of the pandemics & the regulations they are subject to.

2021 Insight

The way we live greatly affects our environment and the sustainability of our actions significantly impacts the future of humanity. This year's Open Farm Tours is focused on transformations in our food systems. From the planting of seeds to meat production to healthy soils, to how we package our food, to distribution & waste management, it's all an interconnected web that encompasses many facets. We will be exploring how our current systems work and how they fit with the culture and values of our region.

Think Regionally!

Organizing systems at the regional level develops symbiotic relationships relevant to the populations that they serve. From day one, Open Farm Tours has been about developing a sustainable regional food system that values relational wealth. Supporting a healthy and nutritious food source is vital to the eco system of our planet and ourselves.

Connecting Food, Farms & Families

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