Fruitilicious Farm


1881 Green Valley Rd. Watsonville CA 95076

Zea Sonnabend is a log time organic inspector for CCOF in Santa Cruz and Member of the National Organics Standards Board. She also is a member of the California Rare Fruit Growers and an avid seed saver. You don’t need to look far to see her passion for rare & unusual fruits that abound at Fruitilicious Farm. Zea & her business partner Terence Welch tend a six-year old heirloom apple orchard, where they’ve planted 100 varieties. Eighty varieties were chosen because they were trees already existing in California or are culturally significant or have resistance to diseases like apple scab, which is hard for organic growers to control. Twenty of the trees are exclusively cider apples from abroad. There are numerous varieties of figs, citrus fruits, avocados, palmellows, blueberries & the list goes on They also tend a small portion of the property designated to propagating organic seed.

Tour Description

Both guided & self-guided field tours will be offered throughout the day.

Products for sale

Heirloom citrus varieties, figs, assorted veggies, organic seed stock. The farm will have a small farm stand set up in addition to hosting a U-Pick all day.

Know Your Farmer - Know Your Food


“This just feels like
what I was meant
to do