Stone Meal Farm


107 Browns Valley Rd. Corralitos, CA. 95076

Thomas and Rebeccah Herzog operate a one acre market garden located on a plot of land that they lease in Corralitos. They strive to sustainably produce nutrient dense food through their commitment to not use any form of pesticide or herbicide. Their farming practice is to provide a broad-spectrum source of minerals through the application of "Stone Meal", a finely ground volcanic rock dust, and oyster shell.

A week after graduating college with a Bachelor of Engineering degree, Thomas’s life took a dramatic turn towards following a passion centered on sustainability and health. Not one to sit behind a computer for 8+ hrs. a day, Thomas landed an apprenticeship with mentor Bob Cunard at Green String Institute in Petaluma and got bit by the “farming bug” that would change his life forever. Thomas was trained solely under Bob Cannard, an unorthodox agrarian elder of the sustainable farming movement, and the chief produce supplier for Chez Panisse.

Thomas and Rebeccah operate the farm and sell all their vegetables and flowers direct to the public. Supplying their community with sustainably grown products is the driving force behind what they do. You can find their produce and flowers for sale at the Felton Farmers Market on Tuesdays, and at the Scotts Valley Farmers Market on Saturdays.

Tour Description

Tours begin at 10 am and will continue on the hour every hour.

Self guided tours will be available as well.

Products for sale

Yes. Their farm stand will be open all day with a complete selection of vegetables, herbs, salad mix and flowers.

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