JSM Organics Farm


135 Maher Rd., Royal Oaks CA 95076

JSM Organics is a diverse, organic-certified farm in Royal Oaks. Breaking ground in 2012 with virtually no capital or hired labor, farmer Javier Zamora began planting seeds that would eventually grow his business that now offers a wide variety of organic products. Coming from humble farming origins in Mexico, Javier focuses on revitalizing a sense of community that has largely diminished in the modern farming industry through charitable food donations and hands-on farm education. JSM is a multi-faceted farm that specializes in strawberries but also grows blackberries, apples, pears, flowers, and a variety of vegetables. Javier and his 26 employees are focused on providing not only a higher quality product, but also a higher quality farmer-to-customer experience. This is achieved through dedication to their surrounding community and commitment to a more ethically driven sense of farm management.

Tour Description

A walking tour of their packing & storage facility with field tours will be offered.

Products for sale

Strawberries, blackberries, flowers, assorted veggies. The farm will be hosting a U-Pick all day.

Know Your Farmer - Know Your Food


“I love producing good food
& walking the fields to see 
all our hard work.”