Sol Seeker Farm


1800 Hames Rd. Corralitos CA 95076

Sol Seeker Farm is a first-generation, family-owned and operated certified organic pastured poultry farm started in 2014 and located in the hills of Corralitos. Founding and current owners Edgar and Kayley Mendoza launched their business with one goal in mind: to provide a unique and vastly superior means of poultry production that meets and exceeds the current organic production guidelines. Their "beyond organic" philosophy guarantees fresh, sustainably raised poultry of the highest quality that is good for your health as well as our environment. Sol Seeker's poultry is allowed 24/7 access to outdoor foraging and are completely unrestricted in access to their nesting trailers. The animals are legitimately free-range poultry and as such can account for a product that is refreshingly humane in today's often unscrupulous climate surrounding meat and egg production.

Tour Description

People will be able to learn about organic free-range chicken, duck & egg production. Learn about the farms egg mobiles & more!

Guided field tours will be offered throughout the day.

Products for sale

Chicken eggs, whole fresh chicken & duck.

Know Your Farmer - Know Your Food


“We believe that
everything has a soul
and should be treated
with just respect"