Celebrating 9 years of Open Farm Tours: October 8th & 9th, 2022

Do you love local food and farms? Want to get to know your farmer better and get a behind-the-scenes look into our regions vibrant working agricultural landscape? During the 2022 Open Farm Tours, you can meet the farmers and learn what it takes to bring your favorite high-quality local farm products to your plate. All farms implement sustainable agriculture practices & are family owned.

The greatest part about Open Farm Tours is learning what makes every farm unique. Press apples for fresh juice at one farm, taste over 10 varieties of figs at another and then head over to another farm to pick tomatoes. Touring farms is a fantastic outdoor family activity to do together and October is a great time to get out and explore!

Participating Farms

There are 15 participating farms this year. Click on the farms menu tab for a listing of each participating farms profile page. Click on the Schedules tab in the drop down menu for what days each farm will be open and the times they are offering their tours, Click on the Activity tab for a list of all activities and animals at each farm.

Online Registration

All activities scheduled for 2022 will be for small groups that require online pre-registration. LinksĀ  to register for tours are under the Tickets tab in the menu bar. All tours and activities take place outdoors & in well ventilated areas.
All proceeds from the sale of tickets goes to the farms.

2022 Insight

The way we live greatly affects our environment and the sustainability of our actions significantly impacts the future of humanity. This year's Open Farm Tours continues to explore transformations in our food systems. From the planting of seeds to meat production to healthy soils, to how we package our food, to distribution & waste management, it's all an interconnected web that encompasses many facets. We will be exploring how our current systems work and how they fit with the culture and values of our region.

Think Regionally

Developing our food systems on a regional level develops symbiotic relationships relevant to the populations that they serve. From day one, Open Farm Tours has been about developing a sustainable regional food system that values relational wealth. Supporting a healthy and nutritious food source is vital to the eco system of our planet and ourselves.

Thank You to our Valued Sponsors!

Open Farm Tours would not be possible without the support of our valued sponsors. Thank you to Edible Monterey Bay Magazine, California Farmlink,Top 10 Produce, Wild Roots Market, Visit Santa Cruz & Whiskey Hill Farm for your generous support!

Know Your Farmer... Know Your Food

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