About Open Farms Tours


Nurturing Community

Welcome to year 8 of the Open Farm Tours.  Spending time outside with our farming community is always a great day! We have 8 family owned farms participating this year. All farms implement sustainable agriculture practices and grow organically. We're fortunate to live in a region that has so many farms that grow high quality produce. Farming has the most variables of any profession. Sustainable agriculture and building relational wealth is at the core of what Open Farm Tours is about. The reality of the Covid19 virus has greatly intensified the inadequacies of our industrial food system and the affects it has on our health. This years focus is on a broader spectrum of how our farms are adapting to the reality of climate change and transitioning towards a sustainable future.  Healthy food and healthy soil is the foundation of sustainable agriculture.

Farms, Food & Families

With the exception of Pacines Ranch. seven farms on the tour are in Santa Cruz County within a 10 mile radius of each other.

There are over 500 farms in Santa Cruz County. The Corralitos community is an area of nine square miles and approximately 2490 people. Officially, it is part of the Pajaro Valley, the “Heart of the Monterey Bay”. Pajaro Valley counts over 50,000 residents and stretches from Aptos/Rio Del Mar to Prunedale/Castroville. It encompasses some of the most fertile and productive farm land in the world. Over 90% of the people living in Corralitos make their living in some form of farming. Farms and Food are the bloodline of Corralitos. From the iconic Corralitos Meat Market to the thousands of acres producing fruit and veggies to the Sunday Corralitos Farmers Market – community in Corralitos is farm-centered.

Know Your Farmer – Know Your Food