Whiskey Hill Farms


371 Calabasas Rd. Watsonville, CA. 95076

David Blume is the owner of a 14-acre, organic farm which is home to 2 businesses, Blume Distillation and Whiskey Hill Farms. One of the driving forces behind Whiskey Hill Farm is to integrate plant based fuel production with mechanical fuel production. By utilizing regenerative agriculture practices, they are able to build beneficial habitats that attract insects and frogs that prey on pests. In addition they utilize permaculture principals to grow a variety of exotic crops such as tumeric, ginger, wasabi, passionfruit & a variety of tropical fruit trees as well as more conventional crops such as tomatoes, corn, melons, squash, and a variety of herbs. They are the largest provider of organic tumeric on the U.S. mainland where their soil rejuvenation system produces nutrient-dense food and medicinal crops year round.

Tour Description

Saturday, October 8
Tours at 10:30am, & 12:30pm

Sunday, October 9
Tours at 10:30am

Tour cost is $10 per person
Kids 12 & under are free

Tour led by Dave Blume includes the greenhouses and distillery areas. Public will be able to see how the by-products of both operations provide feed stock for alcohol production and how plants and mechanical fuel production integrate to create a closed system of no waste.

Tour activities are outdoors & in well ventilated buildings.

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Products for sale

Produce and plants are available for purchase at the farm.

Know Your Farmer – Know Your Food


“It’s produced by the sun so there’s an unlimited supply."